Tri-League Meeting: Supporting Women as Leaders

Dr. Susan Scrimshaw, President of The Sage Colleges, spoke to a full room at The Country Club of Troy on the evening of October 6, 2015.  Her keynote, entitled, “Women in Leadership: Past, Present, and Future,” was as sentimental and humorous as it was a call to action.  Dr. Scrimshaw shared her personal experience and influences as she portrayed the various struggles for women in the United States as they fought to earn a seat at the table.  Then she examined some of the obstacles still facing women today, including many examples where women are still underrepresented despite comprising more than half the population, and delivered an impassioned list of solutions that she urged the audience to embrace.

“It’s my job to build leaders and then see them lead.” – Dr. Susan C. Scrimshaw

A 50/50 raffle was held at the meeting and the proceeds of $100 were donated to the YWCA of Troy on behalf of Dr. Scrimshaw.

The leagues that comprise the “tri-league” – Junior League of Troy, Junior League of Albany, and Junior League of Schenectady and Saratoga Counties – each provided a brief overview of their projects for the year.  The JLT would like to thank Nancy Niles and Wendy Prout, the sustaining members who organized the Tri-League meeting, as well as Dr.  Scrimshaw, and all the Junior League members who attended the event.

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