A Sustainer’s Perspective

Recently, JLT Sustaining Member Nancy Patrick shared her reflection on her experience at the book distribution held at Rensselaer Park Elementary in June 2015.  What she had to say was insightful and inspiring.

I’m always looking for ways I can help the amazing group of actives in the Junior League of Troy.  When I heard about the book distribution in June, I thought, I can do that.  I arrived at Rensselaer Park Elementary to see a few scuffles going on in the school yard.  I almost didn’t get out of my car.  How could I possibly get these kids to focus on books so close to the end of the school year?  There was a mix of first through third graders: some were eager to take a book home for the summer, some were not sure what kind to choose, and some wanted no part of a book over the summer.  One of the teachers explained that the students go back a whole grade level without reading over the summer.  So I found it interesting trying to excite those who wanted no part while also curbing the excitement of those who wanted too many books (the rule was just one).  Some of the children wanted to be read to and some read to their parents (parents who could not read).  In the end, from cooking, crafts, and snakes to mysteries, science, and comics, every child went home with a book.  I realized that growing up I may not have always had what I wanted, but I always had what I needed.  Glad I got out of the car!




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